Introducing AutoSwap: A Decentralized Application


Trading in cryptocurrency could be very frustrating considering the volatile nature of crypto trading and the risks involved.

The goal of every trader or investor is to maximize profits, increase returns, and effectively manage risks.

Experiencing the reverse is discouraging, the reason most traders prefer trading in equity stocks than in cryptocurrency.

Crypto trading and the launch of AutoSwap

So with volatility and risks involved, how can cryptocurrency trading earn its pride place over equity stocks? Also, how can traders earn and effectively manage risks in a simple, fast and profitable way? This is the focus of this article, which aims to explain AutoSwap, the first-ever decentralized application that offers automation solutions to trading challenges, and also highlight its importance to DeFi.

Who is Autonomy Network?

Autonomy Network is a decentralized and permission-less automation protocol powering web3 developers with on-chain execution. It enables the use of automation solutions using smart contracts to guarantee seamless and risks managed transactions.

In January, Autonomy Network launched AutoSwap, the first-ever decentralized application with features that provides automation solution for crypto traders. These features include:


•Limit order

•Impermanent loss prevention,

•Recurring payments for decentralized exchanges (DEX)

AutoSwap the future of DEXs

This is the first time when a DApp would be available to DEXs and its primary focus is to offer to DEXs those features present in centralized exchanges (CEXs), thereby reducing crypto trading losses, combat risks, and boosting returns. It is present on DEXs that runs on Binance Smart Chain blockchain such as PancakeSwap and was recently launched on Traderjoe that runs on Avalanche blockchain. This shows that AutoSwap though was launched on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain is also available on other prominent blockchains that support decentralized app. development such as Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, Ethereum, etc.

Importance of AutoSwap

With AutoSwap crypto traders can automate their transactions and worry less as stop-loss and impermanent loss prevention guarantees hitch-free transactions.

Also, it helps reduce trading losses, offering better risks management and increasing profits to users.

Furthermore, AutoSwap’s primary focus is to fight risks encountered by crypto traders across decentralized exchanges (DEXs).


The importance of this app. to DeFi is huge as seen by its wide acceptance on several blockchains and most recently by Traderjoe: a decentralized trading platform. Users of traderjoe can now perform their transactions with limit order and stop loss. This would protect them from avoidable losses during trading, boost profits, and ensure risk management.

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