NASDEX: A project with great prospects for Cryptocurrency

Nasdex is already in the headlines this year in continuation of her giant strides in decentralized exchange, with plans to integrate equity and crypto.

They say success begets itself and with profitable partnerships and successes in 2021, Nasdex looks to the future with great hope and resolve to do more! They plan to expand market size/target audience and to bring the entire global equity market to crypto investors, offering equity owners a much better platform to invest tokenized equity.

2021 in retrospect...

In the year under review great achievement was recorded that shaped the trajectory of the project. These milestones are:
1. Support from @Oxpolygon through polygon developer grant.
2. IDO sold out on Starter
3. Integration of $NSDX on #BinanceSmartChain and on #EthereumChain.
4. Launch of Nasdex staking pools
5. Partnership with @bandprotocol and @chainlink.

2022 in preview…

What community members and users should expect this new year include:
1. Beta testing for Nasdex MVP
2. Launch of MVP
3. Bug bounty/shadowy coder program.
4. New features such as insurance and gasless transactions and many other planned partnerships and activities.

Furthermore, available data shows that cryptocurrency is expanding and gaining more acceptance but falls short when compared to equity stocks.
More needs to be done to convince equity holders to invest in cryptocurrency; the reason for the existence of Nasdex: to bridge the worlds of equity and crypto.

Nasdex is active across several social media platforms and this year seeks for more community engagement and support on Discord.

Join to experience the revolution that NASDEX brings to the worlds of equity and cryptocurrency.
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